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Our Services

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Jack Mutua Architects, Inc. is a Namibia based architectural practice operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape design, interior design, research and development. The firm is currently involved in several large projects throughout Southern and East Africa.

The firm's design ethos emerges from intentional, intensive analysis of context-appropriate knowledge, and all other layers of socio-economic, environmental and multi-cultural dimensions relevant to every assignment undertaken.

We concur, and consequently function in the belief that architecture must confront reality and provide solutions to performance, program and aesthetic criteria and form must reflect the integration between multiple disciplines


We take a proactive approach by integrating sustainable designs at an early stage. In order for this process to be successful, we collaborate with the client, informing the briefing stage as sustainable design is not just about the construction but the long term use and operation of the building.

Site Planning. Architectural Design of Buildings. Building Interior Design. Environmentally Conscious and Sustainable Green Design. At JMAI Architects (Pty) Ltd we pride ourselves in offering well concieved and properly researched design solutions of international standard and quality. In addition, our clients’ time and resources are of utmost imprtance to us. We have put in place technology and management systems that ensure no wastage, and that design solutions are always completed in record time. The feedback channels between us, our clients and other consultants are kept open at all times so no communication is lost


A feasibility study investigates and evaluates the potential of a site or building. This process clearly gives us a brief history of the site, and its overall condition and significance, as well as the limitations and opportunities. Options are developed, compared, and a preferred option is established and a program of work identified. These studies are often grant funded and then form part of the submission for further grant applications.


We take pride in completing projects that have an inclusive approach to their immediate precinct and city urban criteria. Our work participates in place-making and enhancing the image of the cities we work for.

We understand that conceptualizing a project begins long before the client has decided which land to buy or what the most viable investment would be for the options available to them. That is why at Jack Mutua Architects Inc., we offer top-of-line research and pre-feasibility study services based on the prevailing economic environment and real estate trends, and the potential of the available land. We then use this to develop an all encompassing design of the urban space that can then be used as the basis for materplanning and design guide lines for all development projects that shall take place in the area.


Over the last decade, we have harnessed project delivery finesse in our team and we use advanced and cerified methodologies to ensure all our projects are completed with the utmost quality control.

An architect’s job is not complete until the building has been successfully constructed and the client is satisfied with the out come. Our services include supervising the implementation of the design solutions during construction. This being the most risky period in a project’s life-cycle, Jack Mutua Architects Inc. has taken extreme steps to ensure that our clients’ projects are delivered on time and within budget. At the construction stage, our team ensures that the actions of all who are participating are towards the ultimate goal of the successful completion of the clients’ projects.


We offer valuable expertise with PPP projects and we have collaborated with many global funding organisations from all over the world in the realisation of large scale multi-stakeholder projects.

Big project ideas need adequate financial backing to enable them become a reality. Moreover, the economic climate in our continent is everchanging. Nevertheless, opportunity does not wait for everything to be just right before she comes knocking. Our clients are our partners. This is why we have spent years cultivating good relationships with various local and international project financiers and investors so that when our clients come across great opportunities, we are there to help them make their dreams a reality every step of the way. No idea shall be too big to realise.